Testing and reviewing simplytest.me

Simplytest.me is an online service that helps you find the module, theme or distribution that fits your needs.It provides sandbox environments for testing the functionality of any project or patch before even downloading it. It is straightforward to use, quick(takes less than a few minutes to set-up) and most importantly is absolutely free. Simplytest.me was created by Patrick Drotleff.

simplytest.me UI

Why is simplytest.me helpful?

1. Fast to set up

Setting up a Drupal environment in simplytest.me to test out something is just a matter of minutes. For Drupal 8 projects, you just have to click “Next” or “Save and Continue” as all the fields are filled automatically and databases and users are also generated automatically. For Drupal 7 and less, you don’t even have to go through the Drupal installation process as the process automated for you.

2. Can share sandboxes

You can easily share any sandboxes you create by sharing the URL of the sandbox. This is especially useful if you want to share a specific Drupal environment with your colleagues for testing.

3. Mobility

You can use simplytest.me to test modules, patches, themes, and distributions anywhere, anytime and on any device that has an internet connection.

4. Setting up is a breeze.

For trying out Drupal, simplytest.me is the best way to do so, because for setting up Drupal in simplytest.me, all you need to know is how to click a button. You do not need to have knowledge of PHP, server, DBMS, etc… which is required for setting up Drupal the traditional way.

5. Extending Drupal is easier.

Adding modules, themes and patches are a lot easier in simplytest.me. All you have to do is add them while setting up the sandbox, when compared to downloading the correct version, adding them in the current directory, etc …when adding to Drupal locally.

6. Temporary.

Let’s say that you want to test out a new module which integrates social media better in your website and decide whether it’s better than your current module for social media integration. You want to do it quickly, and at the same time you don’t want it to mess with your existing module nor do you want to remove your current module as it has many saved settings that you would lose if you uninstalled it. For this, simplytest.me is the best way to test out the module, as it will create a sandbox quickly and easily that will last 24 hours (can be extended by a request to Patrick) that you can share with others.

Here is my screencast testing simplytest.me:



An extension called Dreditor(currently available only on Google Chrome) adds a button to all Drupal.org pages that allows you to quickly test out a patch in simplytest.me. It also allows you to review patches on Drupal.org in a more efficient way.You can follow this link for more info.

This blog post is part of the Google Code-In contest 2016, and I am currently contributing to the Drupal community. I thank my dear mentors for helping me out for writing this post.


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